Rehabilitation of Pipe Using the Channeline System

EN-TECH is the exclusive installer of the M-Liner Cured-in-Place Lining System. M-Liner is designed in accordance with ASTM standards and specifications. Activated using hot water or as mixture of steam and air, M-Liner is cured in place and then cut to re-establish service and provide for necessary access. This minimally invasive method of rebuilding an existing sewer line is a cost-effective solution to a deteriorating pipe condition. M-Liner is manufactured in various thicknesses to accommodate pipe and ground conditions, and can be installed in all size pipes. TV inspection and reporting can be used to identify potential sections for relining and can clearly show before and after views. EN-TECH provides a complete service: cleaning, pre-inspection, rehabilitation, and finally, post inspection. EN-TECH’s staff has over 15 years of experience in pipe relining. EN-TECH has a reputation for handling the most difficult installations, and continues to be a leader of CIPP in the New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. EN-TECH is committed to providing a quality end product.

Sewer Lining and Rehabilitation

As an approved installer of the Channeline System, EN-TECH offers rapid and extremely safe pipe rehabilitation with several key advantages for the structural and non-structural enhancement of pipes. Utilizing one or more multi-sectional glass fiber reinforced plastic units, the Channeline System relies on a glass surface tissue inner layer to improve hydraulic flow and protect against corrosion, abrasion and chemical damage.


Pressure Testing and Sealing of Laterals and Joints

To determine the reliability of joints and identify potential hazards, EN-TECH offers comprehensive pressure testing capabilities. And because EN-TECH is a full-service solution, lateral and joint sealing is available to ensure adequate working pressure of vessels and systems. Using industry-specific chemical grouts, EN-TECH is able to chemically seal joint and structural deficiencies, including manholes and catch basins.

Further Info

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